Benjamin M. House of Benjaminsson

Benjamin is a passionate Intuitive Healer & Life Coach with a special ability to embrace people so they feel safe to come home, to their truest version of themselves.

He sees the beauty in life and people. As a Compassionate Leadership Trainer, Benjamin has experience of leading global mens groups. His unique way of holding space in compassion, stillness and love supports people to release trauma and open their hearts.

Benjamin facilitates intimate healing spaces through the use of many modalities including massage, sound, energy & trans-healing. The Icelandic Viking missed hugging trees and moved to Sweden. He is a father of three beautiful children and three rabbits.

Benjamin is on a mission to create a positive impact in the world using powerful healing frequencies.

He works both locally in person and globally with the use of digital platforms, to get in touch with Benjamin please send him an email: benjamin ~at~

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