The Blue Butterfly

What do blue butterflies symbolize? 

Why have we chosen the blue butterfly as part of our logo you might ask.

For us Butterflies represents the Miracles of life and remind us it is a gift to be alive.

H.C Andersen once wrote in a poem, The Butterfly, “just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Butterflies symbolize deep feelings of freedom, beauty, joy, love, femininity, transformation, fortune, and the mysteries of life after death. Butterflies also represent Earth’s elements, water, and fire.

A blue butterfly is a symbol of value in your life and your surroundings. It is also connected with communicating, with yourself, others, and nature.

The blue butterfly tells you this will enhance your relations and transform the way you deal with people, in a positive way.

Some cultures throughout the world associate the color blue with unconditional love and the power to heal inside. When you see a blue butterfly look forward to enter a new healing phase of your life and to improve your relations through peace, love, and harmony. 

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Many cultures throughout the world consider butterflies a symbol of communication, personal growth, and personal transformation. Butterflies start their lives as little caterpillars. They evolve while inside a cocoon they weave for themselves. What happens inside is magical and mystifying. They go through metamorphosis and transform from a little bug-like creature into a delicate, colorful butterfly full of promise and symbolism. 


The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the idea that small, seemingly trivial events may ultimately result in something with much larger consequences – in other words, they have multidimensional impacts on complex systems. For instance, when a butterfly flaps its wings in India, that tiny change in air pressure could eventually cause a tornado in Florida.



Butterflies in our bellies can both be a sign of nervousness and excitement – since they vibrate the same frequency. When women are pregnant, our first physical sensation of our baby is like a butterfly in our belly. We fall in love, we often feel these belly flutters… 

When you get a fluttery sensation in your stomach, it poetically is called “you feel butterflies.”  A belly full of glittering Mariposa Azuls, that light up when your beloved walks into the room. But it’s more than just a metaphor; it’s a physical phenomenon that points to the profound tie between body and mind.

Dr. Amen says:

“Your limbic or emotional brain activates the vagus nerve that goes from the brain to your gut. When you get nervous, or when you get excited (as I explain to my patients, it’s the same feeling, but it depends on your interpretation of it) this nerve is stimulated that activates the gut.”

For us the blue butterfly feels like the perfect symbol of the essence of what our intention is with this Vitality space; to heal, to transform, to be excited about life, possibilities and the Miracles of being alive and make a difference in the world while doing it.