General guide

How you can work with the TeraHerz Frequencies.. Basic “wanding” instructions for beginners.

Wanding water

How charge water with iTeracare


How to balance your all body Aura Chakras with iTeracare

Whole body organs

How to use for whole body organs energy

Breathing problems

How to use for breathing problems

 Balancing body chakras

Live demo for balanceing all body chakras

Skin issues

How to use iTeracare for Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin Rashes and pimples

Stress management

How use iTeracare for Stress Management


How to use iTeracare for Beauty

Frequencywonders & Hazel Sooule health, and beauty consultant at Prife international Shares how to get a natural Blowtox effect with Charged Water and the iTeraCare. See how you can remove eyebags, wrinkles and get a facelift within minutes with a natural and toxin-free method for yourself and your clients.

Knee pain

How to use iTeracare for all Knee Pains

Abandonment trauma

How to heal abandonment trauma

Weight management

How to heal abandonment trauma


How use iTeracare in Anxiety and Nervousness

Live demo for Parkinsons

Iteracare live demo for Parkinson’s disease