First Steps with the iTeraCare Wand


We’re so glad you’re here and would like to welcome you as you learn about the iTeraCare Wands and their amazing Quantum Terahertz Frequencies!  It is time to take your first steps in using this miraculous, magical device and start your journey to health and vitality.

Don’t Pop a Pill just Blow it!

– Nathan Demecillo

By now you should have received a parcel containing your iTeracare magic wand. You should have received an email with the log in details to your back office.  If not received please contact the person who you bought the wand from.

Warning: There are many fake products and other brands on the market so do not purchase from unauthorised sellers.  They do not contain the same patented technology as the Prife International iTeraCare and they may damage your health due to the type of frequency they may eminate that is not conducive to health.


Step 1. Log into Prife International back office

  • Log into your back office using the username and password sent to you in the intial email from your sponsor.
  • Go to settings on the bottom navigation menu.
  • Change the log in password to something secure and memorable to you.
  • Change the security password to something secure and memorable to you.

Step 2. Register the Warranty

Go to the Navigate Page and click on Device Warranty, then enter and submit your serial number which is located on the device.

You can find the warranty guides here.

There is also a video How to Register your Warranty in the back office training

Play Video

Step 3. How to Charge the Water

A great place for everyone to start no matter what their level of health is by charging the water that you drink.  Charging the water changes the structure of the water to make it more easily absorbed by your cells.

Prior to starting to wand at any time it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of charged water.  Then drink a further 2 glasses afterwards.  This helps the body to detox and eliminate toxins and old cells.

You want to start with clean water as possible.  It could be filtered or distilled and restructured with minerals, or pure spring water.

Only use glass or metal when charging. (Not plastic as the plastic leaches into the water).
Blow from above and if using glass can also blow from the side for about 1 minute. 

As the wand includes quantum scalar technology the water is infused with memory that is entrained to all the other water molecules.  Due to entrainment all the water molecules will always go to the highest frequency.

Therefore large quantities of water do not need to be blown for a longer time.  However if you don’t believe it is charged after one minute it won’t have the full level of charge.  If you feel it takes 4-20 minutes for a larger amount to be charged then it will…

Step 4. Start your Daily Blow Job!

  1. Drink 2 glasses of charged warm water before and after the therapy. If you find it difficult to drink the recommended amount, you may drink during the therapy or drink within an hour after the session.  Many find it easier to drink larger amounts of charged water than normal water.
  2. For the first 3 therapies follow the 10 steps warm-up guide to slowly introduce the THz Frequency to your body.  This will start to clear blockages in the body and open meridian points.  The 10-step session takes 20 minutes.
  3. The wanding and drinking of the charged water activates cellular generation and elimination of bad cells.  If you have areas of discomfort, pain or irritation blow for 5-15 minutes on that area.
  4. Never use the wand on…
    > Any foreign material in your body including metal plates, joint replacements, tooth crowns, any contact lenses, silicon implants, heart valves or stents etc.
The frequency and the heat may change the composition of the material or cause burning.
    > Do not use if pregnant or during menses (period) due to the device increasing blood flow.
    > Do not use on open wounds or fractures in the first few days after injury.  Wait until natural healing is underway. Due to the device increases blood flow and initially clotting is required to start to heal.
    > Areas where there’s hemorrhage, open wounds, cuts, or burns.
    > Areas where there are cancer cells nearby
  5. Continue to take your supplements and medicine whilst using the iTeraCare device.  As your health improves you can cut down on medications provided you consult your doctor first.
  6. Charge your tea, coffee, natural fruit juice, and smoothies to help increase the detoxification effect and nutrients in the body.  Never charge carbonated drinks or water in a plastic container. You can even charge your bath water!  Your animals, plants and flowers also appreciate charged water.
  7. We recommend a total of 15-30 minutes of therapy per day for healthy individuals. Not more than 2 hours per day for those having health challenges. Take a break for up to 3 days every month or 1 day per week after continuous use of the device. The break is important, just like it’s not good to exercise every day, so the body’s cells can recalibrate themselves and will be able to respond optimally.
  8. As your body starts to detox you may experience a “healing crisis,” where pain and symptoms may increase, you feel exhausted, have nausea and diarrhea, head aches or itching.  This is nothing to worry about and is quite normal as your body flushes out toxins and eliminate damaged cells.  Make sure you drink plenty of charged water/drinks throughout the day.  Increasing the wanding time will speed up the recovery, but if necessary, reduce the wanding time for a few days.
  9. It is important to also follow a healthy lifestyle to support your body as it heals.  Eat nutritious organic food, avoid toxins from body and household cleaning products, exercise, get out in nature and sunlight, ground, breathe deeply through your nose and into your stomach regularly.  Reduce stress, EMF contact and don’t use the microwave.
  10. Take note of how your body, mind and emotions are responding to ongoing use of the magic wand with the Wellbeing Tracker
  11. Remove your clothes’ during therapy is recommended to maximize iTeraCare heat effect in the body. Synthetic fabrics may melt or burn you from the wands heat.
  12. It is recommended to not eat cold foods or cold drinks within 4 hours after the therapy.  It is recommended that all drinks should be at room temperature or warmer.
  13. It is not recommended to take a bath or shower within 4 hours after the therapy.  We suggest bathing first and then do the therapy immediately to maximize the effect.
  14. Avoid electric fans or air-conditioning pointed directly at you within 4 hours after the therapy.  Cold air, food and drink can reduce the healing effect.
  15. Use the wand as a hairdryer to increase brain and hair health.  It can even reduce grey hairs!
  16. Enjoy the journey of healing and optimal health.
  17. Download the Basic protocol here