Monitor your Wellness

It is important when starting with a new wellness device to assess first where you are at right now, so you can be aware of change occurring.  It is very easy to forget how things were before and miss subtle changes.

We recommend you use the iTeraCare products for at least 90 days and track your results. Change will keep on happening.  Disease is something that has built up over time and change can occur very quickly, but some things take time to show, though healing is going on in the background.

Pain and discomfort we often see as wrong and something to get rid of.  It can be a sign that something is out of alignment, but it is also a sign that healing and transformation is occurring.  It is normal for things to feel they are getting worse as you go through detox and a healing crisis

We recommend this is not the time to stop, it is better to increase the time of wanding and to drink plenty of charged water to speed up results and move through it.  
If symptoms are very intense you can reduce the wanding, but increase the amount of charged water you are drinking.  Then gradually increase the wanding time.

For our bodies to heal they do need to detox toxins, pollution, stuck emotions and trauma that have been stuck in our cellular memory.  This can cause new symptoms or exacerbate old as these memories are blown out of the cells and surface to be cleared or transmuted.

Take time as you blow to be open and curious of how your body, emotions, thoughts and energy are communicating with you.  It can be helpful to take a helicopter view from outside of yourself to see things from different perspectives.

Give yourself the gift of being aware, observe and contemplate your journey into wellness and vitality by keeping track of changes and answering the below questions on a regular basis.

Wellness Tracker


Before using the iTeraCare products take a photo of your face and any other problem area such as varicose veins, thread veins, moles, skin issues, scares, age spots, wrinkles etc.


For taking measurements of your body use a soft tape measure and take measurements at the same time of day.  This information is for your use only so don’t cheat or fool yourself!  Part of a healing journey is learning to love yourself just as you are.  We are all unique, so this is not a competition or comparison of others results.

Sliding Scale

When using a sliding scale of 1-10.  1=Very poor/Always/Unbalanced  5=Average/Sometimes 10=Excellent/Amazing/Never/Balanced

TodayWeek 1Week 21 Month2 Month3 Month
Body weight
Upper arms
How many hours do you sleep?
How often do you wake in the night?
What is the quality of your sleep? 1-10
Any other sleep related issues you want to monitor?
What is your energy level throughout the day? 1-10
Do you have dips in your energy?
Any other energy related issues you want to monitor?
How well are you able to maintain focus? 1-10
How foggy versus clear is your mind? 1-10
How much do you worry? 1-10
How stressed are you? 1-10
How balanced is your mood? 1-10
How good is your digestion? 1-10
How balanced is your blood sugar? 1-10
How balanced are your hormones? 1-10
How much joint discomfort do you experience? 1-10
How much muscle discomfort do you experience? 1-10
How much pain do you experience? 1-10
How quickly do you recover from sport or endurance? 1-10
How radiant is your skin? 1-10
How would you rate your overall physical health? 1-10
How would you rate your overall emotional health? 1-10
Anything else you want to monitor?
What are your manifestation goals for health, vitality, and lifestyle over the next 3 months? (Keep these in mind as you wand.)

May the wand be with you!