Congratulations to your new Magic Wand – or any other amazing Quantum Frequency  product you have invested in in 2023.

At Frequency Wonders you can find lots of information and materials about the products. 

As promised, here comes your virtual goodie bag with different offers to complement and enhance your health, vitality and take your life to new quantum potentials. 


Free 30 min session!

Since you purchased an ITeraCare at an event, Kathy is offering a free 30 min health consultation to assist you in setting up a wellness plan uniquely designed for you or a loved one.

About Kathy Swann

BSN, PHN Kathy became a Registered Nurse in 1982, and has spent her life caring for the ill and dying. She worked in various specialties and leadership roles before becoming a Nurse Entrepreneur in 2013. She is trained by the best practitioners and is certified in many alternative therapies including but not limited to Reiki, Biofield Tuning, Sound Energy Dynamic, Meditation, Integrated Chakra Therapy, EFT, Essential Oils and uses several Frequencies Devices in her practice. Kathy realizes that most people live their entire lives NEVER tapping into the power of the Quantum Field. She is committed to assisting people to gain this knowledge. Her goal is to assist others to live healthy lives with full awareness of the human instrument, and how this awareness can sustain health amid emotional turmoil, misinformation, mental static, and spurious electromagnetic fields, that cause suffering and premature death.

Kathy lives in Walnut Creek, California and can be reached @ 925.899.8367 or or you can find her on FB messenger.

Once you understand how natural your ability to heal is, you’ll be able to navigate any challenge that comes your way with peace, vitality and ease! Kathy helps you by tapping into the Quantum Power you were BORN WITH!

Living Water Virtual Event

Ulrika Karlsson and Susanna Silverhøj, authors of “Holy F*ck & Sacred Water” – named the book of the year by its readers – share their experience and wisdom about Living Water and how it creates flow in life.

What: Living water is an afternoon of flowing self-care.

  • Ulrika guides you and your inner water through a hormone yoga session to create more flow and balance in your life.
  • Susanna shares her experience on how you clean and structure your water, and why it is important.
  • We do a DNA reactivation – to clear stagnant water, “frozen emotions” that hold us back – and activate new flow for balance in life.
  • We end the afternoon together by sharing our reflections, experiences and asking questions etc.

Result: We alternate theory with practice so that you get a holistic experience of Living Vatten.

Language: English

When: 2 options: Saturday 11 th of March 2023 at 9 am-1pm or 3 pm- 6 pm CET

Where: Live online via zoom

How: No experience required, come as you are with a curious mind and an open heart

Price $33 with the promo code “Wake up Living Water”

Normal price $69

How do I register? E-mail and include the code “Goodie bag Living Water” + which time you like to join. Paypal: $33 to secure your place.

Limited space!

Registration before 10th of March.

Join before March 1st and get the e-book “Holy F*ck & Sacred Water” with your purchase! Value $12,95

A warm welcome to what will be a wonderful and flowing afternoon together!


Ulrika and Susanna


Karma Clearing

Imagine that you are completely aligned with your Divine and Sacred Souls Blueprint!

What would your life look like if you had full access to your vital life force energy?

How would it feel – and what experiences would you then choose in your life?

Read more about Karma Clearings. 

Order your Karma Clearing with Ulrika Karlsson with the promo code:

Wake up 2023” and get €111 off!

Normal price €444

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