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Nervous system Issues

Nervous system issues testimonials are solely the experiences of iTeraCare users. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ok here it goes…. I’ve had my wand for 3 weeks now, have wanded daily for 20mins x 2 , one day break each week. I have spina bifida birth defect, loss of feeling in my legs (peripheral neuropathy) , I have had ice cold lower limbs and more recently knee joint pain and stiffness, plus 12 yrs ago I had partial foot amputation. So now I have regained 80% feeling back in my legs ! No more ice cold lower limbs, no more phantom pain in “stumpie “ , far less burning Sensation in feet (a 5 mins wand sorts it out chop chop) my walking and balance has improved sooo much!

I’ve also notice my skin all over is so smooth, a itchy skin rash (chest) which I had for nearly a year and tried everything to get rid of it but nothing worked, has now gone!

A small piece of skin cancer on my nose has gone too!

I love my wand and can’t stop spreading the word

– Mik Deer

Our son Hugo have had pain in his legs for years. We thought it was growning pains in the beginning. Always got worse when he walked. We have been to different doctors, he has been scanned etc – nothing. They cannot explain it (dah). He has been wanding a day here and there – only the last week or so has he got into doing it daily. Yesterday I asked how his pain in his legs is. “Fine” he said. “Can’t feel anything,” and then continued to read his Harry Potter book….

– Susanna Silverhoj

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