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Pain Issues

Testimonials are solely the experiences of the users. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Julies story

For anyone suffering in excruciating back pain and diagnosed with Osteoporosis, this testimonial is for you.

Back in March 2021 I was a volunteer helper on a crew of people creating a music video. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

The very last hour of the shoot I lifted 4 very heavy buckets of water out of a bathtub. From that moment on my life completely changed.

I drove home feeling frozen/paralyzed in pain.

I cancelled my appointment with a client. I was supposed to give someone an Energy Healing session that day ( my real job) but I could hardly move.

Little did I know this would be my life for the next 16 months.

I slept in an upright chair for 5 months due to the back spasms that often resulted when I tried to lay flat in my bed.

I was taken numerous times by ambulance to the emergency room screaming. The pain levels I experienced were beyond what I had experienced giving birth to my son.

One of my initial hospital visits involved an x ray but the emergency room doctor missed the four compression fractures in my spine and sent me home saying “take your pain medication and work your core muscles.”

For the next four months I ended up so many times times in the hospital emergency room with pain levels so high I would be uncontrollably screaming as my back would spasm many times a day and would lock. I would feel paralyzed in a stuck position for hours. The longest I was stuck like this was for was 13 hours. ( I remember this day in particular because it was my birthday).

The two doctors I did see ( 12 hours a part) both said there was nothing they could do for me and I was escorted by wheel chair to the hospital parking lot still paralyzed and locked in pain and crying like a baby.

This hellish scenario repeated itself so many times for 4 more months.

A friend offered to come and stay with me. Between her and my 18 year old son and a community of caring people (some who I knew, and some who were complete strangers ) I received 24/7 care.

For 5 months I couldn’t walk by myself, lift a thing, lower myself down to sit on the toilet, dress, shower,cook or drive and was in constant pain. I slept upright in a chair in my living room. I had to move out of my master bedroom and get a renter in to help me pay my bills. ( Up until then I had been very independent and living on my own for the past 8 years, so all of this change of privacy when I felt so vulnerable, was also incredibly challenging for me. )( Not to mention the stress of not being able to work for months and earn a living to keep my life going).

One day I took a lot of pain meds to prepare myself for what could have been a possibly excruciating endeavour. I didn’t feel I had a choice at this point. Nothing was changing.

I asked a friend to take me to another hospital which involved a half day car ride over bumps and turns… a trip off the tiny Island I live on.

Within an hour and a half of entering their emergency room I was scanned and told I had 4 spinal compression fractures and was admitted. I was sent home a week later with a hospital bed a walker and more pain meds.

I was in the hospital bed for a total of 10 months. I re injured my spine another 14 times in the following 15 months. I kept having to start from scratch each time working my way from being bed ridden to walking with my walker and becoming self sufficient again.


Itera care activate good and eliminate bad cells

My friend Terry Bernier sent me a Classic wand.

Her message was this. Use it.

If it helps..purchase it.

If it doesn’t ..send it back.

I used it way too much at first. ( 2 hours a day). I felt horrible. I was going to send it back.

I happened to catch a video by Dr Ray the Neurologist who is using it on his MS and Parkinson’s patients. He said if you’re using it for more than an hour, you are way over doing it.

I backed off to about 20-40 minutes a day.

I took one day off a week like they recommended.

Here’s what has happened in the last 2 months .

I have NO PAIN.


and LIFT.

I feel stronger each and every day.

I started noticing huge shifts by the 6 weeks point.

I have begun working again!

I have my house back to myself which feels incredibly amazing.

I can drive!

Things I didn’t expect… moles, skin tags and age spots are disappearing!

My skin is radiant and I keep having people commenting on it.

I have begun to get my life back.

I have just started to offer working again with people in pain who may also be suffering with illnesses or a recent diagnosis. This time though I am offering everyone I work with a frequency wand session combined with the other quantum healing facilitation I offer!

I hope my testimonial may help someone that you may know that might be suffering in pain

I want to help create more story endings like mine. Thank you to Terry Sheila and Kathy for helping connect me with the Iteracare technology. It has allowed me to begin to get my life back.

Edit add on.

A number of people in the comments have asked me how I used the wand.

I wanded my warm water/tea and drank two cups. Then laid on my side put the wand on a pillow and pointed it for about two -5 minutes on my low back. Then slowly worked my way up my spine to my neck. I then did my palms my feet and my crown. I also did under my arms behind my knees and my groin. If I had time I added any part of my body that wanted it or that needed it. Then I drank more water afterwards as well. I always used the hottest level. But I’m wondering about that after listening to another doctor who said if you have inflammation use the cooler level.

I am presently working on my eyesight and floaters and tracking with photos my moles skin tags and age spots. Thank you everyone for your love and heartfelt comments. IF you have cells and bones this will work for you. Keep going!

– Julie Howard

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