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Sleeping and Fatigue Issues

Sleeping and Fatigue issues testimonials are solely the experiences of iTeraCare users.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hi friends here is my experience, so far:


Between Sep. 15th and Nov. 3rd, I only used the iTeraCare blower a few times: A couple of days for a tennis elbow which had been persistently showing up for the previous 6 months whenever I engaged in harder physical labor. When I blew on it two consecutive days it vanished.

Another two times I had sudden knee pain from carrying a lot of luggage when traveling, this also vanished in one or two days, only blowing the knee for a few minutes.

From Nov. 3rd i started blowing full 30-40min body sessions on low intensity settings (1&2) 5-6 days a week. At that point I had experienced two symptoms returning: The usual annual autumn blues growing over the past 6 weeks to an overall semi-depressed state in me. Also another issue had returned over the last 4 weeks: Experiencing a physically exhausting and painful tiredness more than 50% of the time. This one have had for 3-4 years, but 5 months ago it had gone away with a kind of water therapy sessions. (I took regular sessions for 3-4 months). It was supposed to have a lasting effect but the condition returned a month after I finished the treatment. These two returning symptoms had me give the iTeraCare blower a go on a daily basis. After only five days – on Nov 9th – both symptoms had subsided to 10-20%. Another 5 days later the depressive state was all gone. The fatigue only showing up mildly and rarely.

From Nov. 15th I started blowing up and down my spine on the high intensity setting (3) during the sessions and it had an immediate effect on feeling a very warm and living/pulsating flow of energy up and down the spine. First day for i felt for a few hours, next day for the whole rest of the day and third day (yesterday) all the way through day and night till to today. This kundalini energy has also started moving up into the head/crown occasionally. I write this at 5:00 in the morning and have not had much sleep this night as the energy is vibrating out through the body and all the cells. Over the last three decades I have done intense/prolonged periods of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices but I have never felt the kundalini flowing before. This is a truly wonderful and amazing experience.

– Oliver Silverhoj

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