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EMF radiation and iTeraCare

There are many people out there asking about EMF and if iTeraCare radiates it. What is radiation? What is EMF? And what are the health risks according to science? Here are some videos for you to make up your own mind about it….

What is Radiation?

“Radiation exists across what’s called the electromagnetic spectrum. This radiation ranges from very high-energy (called high-frequency) on one end of the spectrum, to very low-energy (or low-frequency) on the other end.

Examples of high-energy radiation include:

  • x-rays
  • gamma rays
  • some higher-energy ultraviolet (UV) rays

This is ionizing radiation, meaning this energy can affect cells on the atomic level by removing an electron from an atom, or “ionizing” it. Ionizing radiation can damage the body’s DNA and cells, which may contribute to genetic mutations and cancer.

On the other end of the spectrum is extremely low-frequency (ELF) radiation. This is a type of non-ionizing radiation. It can move atoms around in the body or make them vibrate, but most researchers agree that it isn’t enough to damage DNA or cells.

In between ELF radiation and high-energy radiation on the spectrum are other types of non-ionizing radiation, like:

  • radiofrequency (RF) radiation
  • visible light
  • infrared

What is EMF?

Electric and magnetic fields join as one field in most forms of radiation. The result is called an electromagnetic field (EMF).

  • High-frequency EMFs. This is the ionizing type of radiation. Scientific literature agrees that large exposures can damage DNA or cellsTrusted Source. Medical devices like X-ray imaging machines and CT scans produce low levels of this type of radiation. Other sources include gamma radiation from radioactive elements and UV radiation from either tanning beds or the sun.
  • Low- to mid-frequency EMFs. This is the non-ionizing type of radiation. It’s mild and thought to be harmless to people. Household appliances like microwave ovens, cellphones, hair dryers, and washing machines, as well as power lines and MRIs, produce this type of radiation. This category of EMFs includes extremely low frequency EMFs (ELF-EMFs) and radiofrequency EMFs (RF-EMFs).

Non-ionizing EMFs come from both natural and human-made sources. The earth’s magnetic field is an example of a natural EMF. Human-made EMFs are classified into two types, both generated by non-ionizing radiation:

  • Extremely low-frequency EMFs (ELF-EMFs). This non-ionizing radiation field can be generated by a variety of sources, including power lines, electrical wiring, and personal appliances like electric shavers, hair dryers, and electric blankets.
  • Radiofrequency radiation. This non-ionizing radiation field is emitted from wireless devices, like cell phones, smart meters, tablets, and laptop computers. It’s also generated by radio and television signals, radar, satellite stations, and MRI machines.”

Can EMFs be harmful to my health?

During the 1990s, most EMF research focused on extremely low frequency exposures stemming from conventional power sources, such as power lines, electrical substations, or home appliances. While some of these studies showed a possible link between EMF field strength and an increased risk for childhood Leukemia, their findings indicated that such an association was weak. The few studies that have been conducted on adults show no evidence of a link between EMF exposure and adult cancers, such as leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer.


Can we trust that?

As an EMF sensitive myself, I have to disagree that it is not harmful. These are the symptoms and experiences I have had, and what I did about it – before I started to use iTeraCare.


The EMF radiation people fear is the type that can cause DNA damage…

All I know is that if the iTeraCare radiated dangerous radiation, I would not have been able to use it. These days, I do not react as much to EMF, as my field is stronger. That is the best way I can explain it. I just love my magic wand, it gave me my life back!

Enjoy in joy!

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
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