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A Miraculous Fair 

The body-mind-spirit fair outside Copenhagen was a miracle on so many levels. We received so many wonderful testimonials and saw miracles happen in front of our very eyes within minutes. The fact I could be there is a huge miracle after over a decade of health issues.

Susannas Miracles 

To give a bit of a background of my story. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in January 2014, after I had been sick over and over with what I thought was different things. For almost a decade my life has been about learning to listen to my body, to reduce stress and really nurture myself to cope with the  pain and physical symptoms. You can read more of my story in the Fibromyalgia – disease from hell article.  

After years with one disease after the other – chronic pain, EMF, hormonal imbalances, bleeding in my eye and so on – I have tried like a gazillon things to get my health on the right path. Some things worked to a degree, others not at all. I am so happy to say that I do believe I have found the right tool for me.  

We are all unique, but we are all energy. I feel so happy and excited and FREE in my body!

Miraculous shifts

For the first time in many many years…. I call the magic wand my new best friend – because it really is….. 

  • The fibromyalgia pains vanished within two days after I started using the iTeraCare wand. So far, they have not returned.  
  • I can now travel by bus, train, be at events and places where they have Wi-Fi and use phones, which I have not been able to before without thick layers of anti-radiation fabrics around me. I am of course still mindful and conscious about the dangers of that type of radiation, but at least I am not as isolated and can join social events and travel again.  
  • My hormonal system is getting rebalanced, I have started to loose the weight I put on in 2022, which was a lot….  
  • My skin looks more vibrant, my haircolor is coming back, less wrinkles, cracks on my heels gone etc. 
  • I have so much energy, and yet I sleep like a baby, and can keep on going like a Duracell bunny… 😉  
  • For almost two years I have also been injected with some steroids or whatever due to a bleeding in my eye where there was a large risk of going blind. In September 2022, I said “no more” even though they wanted to continue with the injections. They were very cross…. In November 2022, the doctor’s message was: “whatever you are doing – keep doing it. It is working!” In February 2023, two years after of having a bleeding in my eye, having to take injections into my eye more than 10 times, which have given me severe side effects – I am now cleared from having to go on regular check ups too!

Right image is from 2021 – where you can see a dark spot and liquid. Left image is from today! Still some scar tissue – but nothing to worry about according to the doctor…. 

The Fair 

My husband Oliver, my daughter Ellice and our good friend and team member Eva were all there to witness one miracle after the other.  
It started even before the fair itself. The wonderful Anya, who is from a different team than ours invited me to join her for one of the days at the fair, which I happily accepted. I was going to be at another event the weekend before, so one day felt more than enough. Then she asked if I could take over the whole thing. Somehow, I knew I could do it. My energy has been so high for several months I just said yes. Thank you!  
The 3 days were filled with visitors, all curious about the magic wand. Eight hours a day, I was on my feet, talking, standing, demonstrating…. My back didn’t hurt, my feet were not smashed, even though I had a heels on (I have not had that in years). They had strong wi-fi and yet, I was fine. Each night when we came home, I was amazed over the energy I still had. I could have kept going like that for several more days without a problem, at all!  
We gave sessions and people could come and try for a few minutes. There was one miracle after the other…. 
I have picked some of my favorites to share here: 

Old lady fingers 

One of the amazing stories was an older lady who had not been able to bend her fingers properly for decades. Within minutes with the iTeraCare Classic, she started to move her fingers. The joy on her face when she looked at us was priceless. 

Brain damage due to mercury 

A man told us his story. The dentist had removed mercury from his teeth many years ago but removed it too quickly and it went into his left side of the brain. Instantly, he had lost many abilities, since that part of his brain had stopped its activities. It was almost dead. Only 5-7 minutes with the iTeraCare Pro on that part of the brain and he started to feel vibrations and movement in his brain he hadn’t felt in many years. He left the event with hope about a better future. 

ADHD stillness 

A woman with ADHD diagnosis, arthritis in her feet and a shoulder out of place tried a full 15 min session with the iTeraCare Pro. The glow and peace on her face after those 15 min was magical. She said this was the first time in her life her mind was still. “Is this how it feels like having no thoughts” she said. We later learnt that her shoulder popped into place and her feet have not hurt since, which is now a couple of weeks. One session and some of her physical pain has not returned. 

Happy Walker 

A lady with a walker got a few minutes with the iTeraCare Pro. When she left to take another aura picture (you can read that full story about that in the blog post “Quantum Auric Field”), she forgot to take her walker. When she came back, the surprise and happiness she expressed was wonderful to experience. She felt so energized, happy and calm. 

General headaches and pains 

There were so many headaches, knee, shoulders, hip pains that vanished that weekend. Many people were skeptical at first and thought it was just the heat from the magic wand that made the pain go away after just a couple of minutes of wanding. Many later returned and confirmed, the pain hadn’t returned as they thought it would, and they felt great for the rest of the fair.  

Energized and Grounded 

Another very common effect the short wanding sessions had on people was that they felt less overwhelmed and stressed from being at an event like this. When you come home after a day filled with people, sounds, impressions, most people experience they are exhausted and beaten. Those who returned the next day said they had slept wonderfully, and still felt energized and great. Again, after just a few minutes of wanding.  


To reflect a bit on this miraculous fair, I can conclude that there is a reason why we call it a Magical Wand. This product gives us hope of a better future. It gives us something to do about our stressors and pain – no matter if it is on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level.  
To feel more centered, grounded and calm at the same time being very focused and full of energy is another little “side effect”. It is an interesting combination – to feel energized and grounded at the same time, isn’t it?  
For me, this magical wand has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.  
I have got my life back – in a better version than I have ever had.  
To share this with other people who suffer, in one way or the other, is part of that gift.  
We now have the opportunity to give life force back to people who are ready to receive.  
If that is not Miraculous, I don’t know what is!  
May the wand be with you! 

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
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