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Frequency Update for Early 2023

The Battle for Life

These Frequency Updates are co-created to share how energy frequencies affect the collective consciousness.  The collective consciousness effects our thoughts, emotions and physical body more than most people are even aware of. In the early part of 2023 we are in a battle for Life.  

Yet again we enter a new level of crazy that most of us have never seen before in our lifetime. We keep hoping we have reached the peak or a tipping point, but over and over another level of craziness appears. 

Most people take things very personally as they are unable to discern what is theirs and what is from the collective. We are here to support you to stay centred and calm within what feels like a never-ending storm and share some tips on how to use the magic wand to keep you balanced and at peace. As you learn to stay centred and calm it becomes easier to discern what is yours, what is another’s (typically a family member or colleague) and what is from the collective.

Part of the Frequency Wonders journey is to reclaim your vitality and power, so you can reconnect with your true essence and discover your full potential as a miraculous Being.

To reclaim our vitality, we come back to the natural cycles of life which are harmonious and balanced.  When we become unbalanced, the frequencies automatically brings us back to harmony – if we allow it to.  The “magic wand” (iTeraCare) is a power tool to support the natural healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

Dementors vs the White Stag

As the title The Battle for Life suggests we are in a phase where we have moved from an informational war to a full-blown battle for Life and of Life. It is a battle for our life force where society, governments, and big pharma – to different degrees ran by deep state rulers – suck our lifeforce like the dementors in Harry Potter.

In the “real world” dementors suck the life force out of people in different ways – through jabs, diseases, pain, lies, stress, pollution of our air, food and water, EMF radiation, (e.g. 5G & Wi-Fi) computers, TV and videogames etc. At the same time, we have the “White Stags” of freedom lovers, peaceful warriors and compassionate Beings who are fighting for life and providing the lifeforce.

Luckily, we now have our wizarding magic casting wands where we can co-create our own spells of counter spin frequencies that fills our cells with love, healing and lifeforce.  This now spreads like a peaceful wildfire around the globe.

Instead of the “Expecto Patronum” spell Harry Potter cast when he fights the dementors, we can say: “May the wand be with you” – just to add some more movie references into the spell! 😉 

More about how we can use the iTeraCare magic wand for the rest of this year to support our systems and bodies later in this update….

Division and Extreme Polarities

Many people have become their own worst enemy, they alienate the people they love, because they are in fear and in a survival mode. This affects the collective field frequencies and we can easily fall down into the abyss, if we are not aware!  

Last year, many people were getting divorced, broke up and ended friendships. It was the death of relations

Now, it is more the death of people – or at least their life force. The number of disease and chronic health issues is sky rocking, there is a fall in fertility rates, young people and child deaths is off the charts and suicidal rates are way to high. 

It is like the intensity of being on the planet is so strong that we cannot take it anymore. Many explode, have outrageous fits, are angry, anxious, depressed and frustrated – often without even knowing why. Others just check out, die suddenly, unexplainably and unexpectedly. No matter what, they leave those around them with grief, fear, anxiety and devastation. We all feel the frequencies from the collective, but few are able to discern or are aware that what they experience/feel is not theirs, so it kills them – literally or metaphorically. 

Unexplainable deaths?

Or is it so unexplainable? Our tinfoil hat antennas tell us differently…. If you have not seen Stew Peters “Died Suddenly” it is an interesting – but not 100% accurate – source to learn the effect of the past two years has had on our lives. It is not for the faint hearted – so please be mindful if you want to watch it. 

It has nothing to do with shaming or blaming those who listened to and trusted our governments mandates and rules and did what they were told. It is about allowing the facts to be presented and know that we have something that can be done about it! We can take back our vitality and power!

Simultaneously, in this divided reality more and more likeminded and heart-centred people find each other and come together in new groups after all the death of relations. We are drawn to our soul family, we are unifying. This counter polarity force makes the Vitality life force expand, since we can all entrain to the highest/fastest vibrating frequency. Entrainment is a quantum physics phenomenon, where if you have two glasses of water standing next to each other – one which is e.g. wanded with the Itera care and one regular tap water – the tap water will rise its frequency to match the wanded water. Since we humans are mainly water, this entrainment is true for us too. 

Time to choose

We all have a choice in times like these. There are several options, and we will mention three…

  1. 1. We project our hurts and traumas onto others and/or outer circumstances.
  2. 2. We leave the planet.
  3. 3. We take full responsibility of our traumas and wounds and use it to propel us forward.

The third option is what we can use if we want a different reality to play out than it is right now.

Timeline jump

To have different realities we jump timelines. A big jump happened in September 2022. One way we can notice timeline jumps is that many experience that they have lost or gained a day or two. For instance, my 12-year-old son felt out of sync and totally lost track of which day it was and was a day behind. This is not something he normally expresses and experience. Disorientation, dizziness, struggle to focus, to remember and to think clearly are all ‘timeline jump symptoms.’

What do timeline jumps mean for the future?

From our experience it means that what was very likely to happen, is no longer going to happen. We have shifted into a new reality where the probable events no longer exist – or are at a different ‘time -’ on the timeline. For those of you who have watched the Dr. Strange movies and the multiverse of the Marvel world know what we are talking about. Timelines are like a universe within the Multiverse. 

Timeline/Multiverse shifts is how we create the future that is ‘better’ for the highest good of all. We can do that through expanding into a higher vibration – of body, mind, heart and soul levels. It has nothing to do with being positive, ‘love and lighty’ – it is more to stay very conscious, honest and authentic with ourselves and others. When we stand our ground in our truth – without projection to others – we hold a higher vibration.

When we use our magic wands, we automatically enter a quantum zero point field where anything is possible. Hence, it is very important that we consciously use the wand and put our intention of what we want to experience. Here it is important not to use “I want to….” Fill in the blank….Feel healthy, lose weight, get a boyfriend or whatever. It is “I am….” Statements. I am healthy, I am healing” etc. 

This brings us into the next thought….

What do I really want the world to look like? 

Why? Because the beginning of 2023 is all about getting clear of what we want so we can start to take actions.

Many people are so confused these days. And no wonder. Everything we believed in turns out to be lies. This makes us question everything. This is great!

But the other side of the coin of questioning means we also question ourselves. As we have been lied to, and totally bought into the lies, what does it say about us?

What does it say about me?

Can I trust myself?

This can make us passive and have us sit in the questions and stops us to take any actions and move forward in our lives.

What do I want?

Shall I stay here to help and support my family, friends and community?

Shall I move somewhere else and co-create a new community with likeminded people?

No one can tell you what to do. Ever! No friends, governments, politicians, authorities or police. They can try to offer you contracts and make your life hell if you do not play their game. But no, they cannot tell you what to do without your consent. Period.

Do you give your consent?

If yes, why do you do it? 

Take a stand

This is the time where you take a stand, stand your ground and decide who and where you want to be.

Over the next few months you will act on being that who you want to be and (co-)create that future. When we say act, it is not just external actions – to physically do something. It is inner actions too. You will do whatever it takes to be you. If you choose to, of course. You have the energies and hopefully your own magic wand to support you to do it. 

Part of the challenge is that we have this giant puzzle we are trying to put together. What makes it even more difficult is that there are pieces in this puzzle that doesn’t belong in the box. It also has pieces that are not even real – they are illusions – and will pop up like a jack in the box and then disappear again. Just to increase our confusion and indecisiveness.

This is why we have done so much detox and clearing the last few years. Now it is time to take a deep look at the pieces and decide if they fit the puzzle or not. The magic wand is one of the best detox tools we have encountered. It is like it blows away everything that stands in the way of us being the best version of ourselves. The quantum field of this devise supports us to be and to live our full potential. 

The high vibe path

When we choose what is best and most loving for ourselves – instead of what we think is best for those we love – we raise our frequency. When we raise our frequency we shift the fields vibration (quantum field, zero point field, consciousness field etc.). It vibrates faster. When it vibrates faster the old density collapses and new weaving of grids and nodes happens on the planet.

So when we hang out with likeminded beings who also want a free, peaceful and loving world – we create an amplified field. That amplified field changes the world. Lynne McTaggart calls this phenomena “The power of 8”. You can listen to our chat with Lynne on Live the Impossible Show.

This time is really about making conscious choices of what is the most high vibrating option. It is time to go within to feel into what is right for you and your journey!

How do you know what is the most high vibrating choice? 

You can use pendulums, gut feeling, kinesiology, or whatever tool you prefer. The main thing is to choose what is the most expansive and loving option for YOU. Yes, for you! When you choose you, you choose the highest good of all from a place of love and peace. You might experience fear, excitement, loss, grief, joy or a myriad of emotions but they all part of feeling alive.

If you are still long enough, you will also get a sense of peace, calm and knowing it is the right choice you made. Since you made it. That is where you know you made the most loving choice you could make. There are no regrets in that field. Everything happens for a reason, and that is also true when it comes to our decisions. They are the best decisions we could take in that moment, since we took them.   

It is time to let go of our herd mentality and of playing the hero.

Time to dare to let go of what other people’s opinions are about you, your life and choices. A tribe is a different name for herd. Sheep are part of a herd.

This time invites us to let go of the hero’s journey too. Yes, I know…. Tough one, huh? You are not a sheep and you are not a hero either.

Who are you then?

When you choose your highest path, you choose what is best for you and the highest good of all. That doesn’t mean you are alone on that path. It doesn’t mean it is you against the world. It means that you are a sovereign being who takes full responsibility for you and your life. And you co-create with other Sovereign leaders and creators of the new world we like to see.

The peaceful warriors of the White Stags are rising, we stand up for the truth and demand the truth. We come together and spread the words about a solution to many of these issues. This is so huge folks! This is the “peaceful weapon” we have been waiting for! 

AI vs Natural

The polarity between natural (healing) and AI theme is going to surface even more at this time. With all the people in denial the more artificial the population becomes. 

They often say the V was the superior weapon. We know that was a lie. What iTeraCare has is a love weapon, that has the potential not only to go from dis-ease to ease, but also change our realities, timelines and frequencies. 

The iTeraCare’s Terahertz and Quantum-Scalar waves make many individual “Frequency Specific” therapies (i.e. Rife, microcurrent, PEMF, far-infared, light, sound, etc.) obsolete because Terahertz/Quantum-Scalar waves are Nature’s master bioenergetic tuning frequencies. 

No AI needed

The iTeraCare doesn’t need Artificial Intelligence (AI) to slowly apply frequencies one at a time. It uses Natural Intelligence (NI) to tune up/entrain healthy cells, wake up dormant stem cells, and eliminate unhealthy cells all at once. 

When we turn on an iTeraCare we immediately create a Quantum-Scalar field around us that responds, via Quantum Entanglement, to our intention. The bioenergetic vibration of our physical, emotional, mental and subconscious bodies optimizes, balances allowing self-healing of ourselves.  The quantum field can also be used for someone else, regardless of any type of obstacle or distance.


Natural Cycles

The interesting part in the whole AI and artificial everything is that AI mimics the natural cycles. Not the other way around. And yet, we are programmed to believe we are inadequate as human beings and need to put some microchips in us, have DNA modifications, sex changes and god knows what to be whole. When the opposite is true!!!

Our magic wands have the potential to reactivate our stemcells, our DNA and our super powers! In just a year it has spread around globe, due to its amazing diverse results that include great improvement from physical, mental and emotional health issues as it supports the body to heal itself. Since it works with Quantum TeraHertz frequencies it is an amazing awakening tool too! We feel it in our bones that this will be one of the most powerful ´peaceful weapons´ we can use to take back our health, power and lives. 

Read more about the iTeraCare magic wand

What is important to remember here is that love, our natural essence and power is stronger than any AI technology. That is why they mimic it. 

This means we cannot ‘loose’ this game. The more of us who rise our Frequency the less power the artificial things and beings have.

This is the time, dear ones, to remember who we really are and stand as the White Stags with our magic wands. Stand as:

Who you really are,

Who you want to be,

And commit to do everything in your power to honour that.

It is as simple and as difficult as that….

In joy and in honour!

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
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