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Conscious Business

Business is changing.  The old ways no longer work as businesses are going conscious. 
What does that mean and how can you use this new paradigm to improve your business or build a new business?

There are some new energies on the planet that we think many are unaware of. It’s actually that businesses are going conscious. It’s like they’re coming alive and have a consciousness of their own.  The ways of how business has been done in the past is no longer serving the client/customer or the business itself.  A new paradigm is unfolding where the business is heart centred and has a win-win approach for the wellbeing of all, where clients, contributors of the business and the planet all benefit.  We can think how we want a business to look and how it will succeed, but if we do not come with pure intentions, the success will not happen. 

This blogpost is based on a conversation between Pam and Susanna in the BizWiz section of Wholyland.me where we discuss what is a conscious business, how can we do business differently and with more joy. 

Pyramid begone!

We are moving away from the governments and corporate pyramid models.  They follow a top-down structure where one or two people are at the top making the big money, whilst those who do most of the groundwork, the workers at the bottom of the pyramid, have a fixed and often small income. 

They often have little or no say on how to improve the business.  In fact, they are little more than robots and in many cases are being replaced by robots.  This is very much the standard business model. 

Even in businesses where they say that they’re listening to the “workers”, they frequently don’t, it is more a lip service, a tick box exercise. “Oh, yes, we’re doing that, we’re asking people’s opinions.”  But, when it comes down to it, they’re not thinking about the employee’s at all, and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. 

When a company is run by narcissists and big ego’s they believe they have all the answers and so don’t listen and are not open to feedback.  Also, corporations continue to grow by swallowing up the small guys, this has grown exponentially over the last few years. This has led to very few at the top of the pyramid.  The result is there is less and less competition or desire to improve as they don’t have too. 

We have written more about this in the blogpost called “The MLM Elephant”

Network Marketing

However, a conscious business such as Prife International the distributor of the Iteracare wand etc. follow a model of MLM or network marketing.  Everyone comes in as a customer, a seed, who can then choose to share the benefits they’ve received and recommend the products.  A conscious business is born.  

The more energy you put in the more you will receive back. As long as you are coming from pure intention of wanting to help others and don’t just want to make money, your business will grow into a tree.  As a leader and CEO of your own company it is important to learn the business and to take action and not expect your upline to do everything for you. 

It is your business, it is your responsibility.  As a leader as you support and train others to become their own trees a huge forest of conscientious co-creators develops.  The sky is the limit, it is up to you.  There is no competition, there can be thousands of large trees in the forest!

Forest structured businesses

For decades it has been proven that companies who actually listen and allow their employees to take responsibility thrive. When they trust their staff and let them pick and choose tasks which they enjoy and are passionate about, everything expands.  This includes things like allowing people to work from home, when possible, have flexible work hours and are task driven rather than working 9-5 or more to keep up appearances.  These are great ways to have employees enjoy their work. 

A Company like AS3 in Denmark, won a lot of awards several years in a row in the 2000´s. 

“They increased their income by more than a 100% a year for several years in a row. It’s very difficult to do that several years in a row. 

What makes them be able to do that is that they really went from a pyramid structure to a flat structure. (Forest structure)  A flat structure meant for AS3 that everyone working there, went through a leader training, so they all were leaders, and then they would team up. They would get a few tasks and they could pick and choose teams with tasks that resonated with them. Then they would complement each other within each team so everyone could do the tasks that they felt passionate about. 

Some are visionaries and see the big picture, others love to focus on the structure and details, some to analyse, do numbers, others to network etc. No matter what the task is, when we work together and complement each other we all can feel good about what we put energy into. 

At AS3 it was a huge success, but the guy who had the initial vision, felt like “now I’ve done it,” and he was off to a different project. His partner, who then owned the whole company, freaked out and went back to the old traditional way, where you have to report every little detail.  It became all about the paperwork instead of teamwork and joy. They went downhill within months. They didn’t get new assignments. They lost a lot of their old clients.” 

-Susanna at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business”

AS3 demonstrate how quickly things can be changed in either direction.  A fulfilled happy workforce and thriving conscious business or a business stuck in old paradigms and pyramid structure struggling to survive. 

Work from your Genius

“I have studied the last year with Genius U, and they’ve got something called Talent Dynamics. It’s a way of finding out precisely where you fit into a group.  They’ve been working with this with some very big corporations and doing leadership training with them. 

In a team you require many different types of people and talents.  Both you and I (Pam and Susanna) we are creators, we love creating things, and we’re excellent at seeing the big picture and beginning new projects. We’re not so good at the support. Certainly not so good at the finances. And we’re not so good at finishing. It’s not saying we can’t do it. But our physicality struggles with it.  It also doesn’t give us joy. For us creators, we’re the innovators, we do the beginning part. But it’s always a good thing to have a complete team where we balance each other out, and then everything’s got a life of its own. 

People come to work, they enjoy what they’re doing, and then it does not feel like work anymore. It’s life.  This is what we really want, we want wholeness. Not, “Oh, it’s five o’clock, it’s time to go home, or turn off the computer or whatever, now we’re at home anyway.” We work when we want to, we take responsibility, so everything gets done. 

We probably get things done way more efficiently than we would have done if we were going: Right, it’s Monday, it’s nine o’clock, we have to do task A, which is a standard thing. If more businesses work from that place of using people’s skills and people’s geniuses and give responsibility to people, they blossom, it makes such a huge difference.” 

-Pam at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business”


Act on Manifestation Lines – not deadlines… 

In conscious business we go with the flow and when we feel intuitively it is time to do a task. We have a list of things to do, and a “manifestation line” – not a deadline… What we will manifest this week, which tasks do we need to do to accomplish our goals.  Exactly when each task is done will depend on when the energy is there for it.  You have to reprogram yourself to take the responsibility and make sure it gets done. You have the responsibility for making it happen. This is a practice.  No matter how much we meditate and work on our high vibe, if we do not act, it will not manifest. 

Many sit and wait for something or someone else to deliver things for them.  Energies work in the opposite direction, act and then the energy will follow.  Show the universe you want something to manifest by taking action – one step at the time – and you create a momentum where it will manifest. Passivity waiting for something or someone to do it for you will not.

How do you inspire people to act?

“People want to feel needed, and they want to contribute and change the world for the better. I think that when we feel like it doesn’t make any difference in what we do, the passion and joy disappears. 

We all have different types of personalities. It’s the Spring, the visionaries, who sees the ideas and create. “Oh, yay, let’s put this into life”. Then, we go into the summer energy which is more where you gather the team, your support and network with others etc. Then we come into the autumn energy, where it’s more about the details.  Then we have the more analytical energy of winter where you really do analysis, the numbers and the structured details. 

What I find is important in this is that we’re not supposed to do it all. I think that is also part of the whole new way. In the past we’re supposed to be good at everything.  Now it’s okay that we are visionaries, and then we hand it over to someone else who is better at the other stuff. If I’m good at one of these energies, my major is the spring.  Often I feel that I suck, I never feel good enough, because I try to do the summer, autumn and winter energies.”

-Susanna at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business”

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

“As entrepreneurs, as lone solopreneurs, we believe we have to do everything, and we have tried it for years. It’s a constant uphill struggle. There are bits that worked really well and then accounts and all that sort of stuff is like, just not me. Yes, I can do it, but I absolutely hate it. It saps me for days when I have to do my tax returns and all that sort of stuff, yet others just thrive on it. In the past year, where we’ve been really in the co-creative space has made such a huge difference. And even though we’re still doing some of the tasks, it’s not so painful, because we’ve got each other to bounce off.”

-Pam at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business” 

Why is it a conscious business?

Why it is called a conscious business is because “when we do things we really enjoy it just flows and is smooth. With our podcast, we have sent out invitations to guests, and they get back to us right away and book and are super excited to be on the show, and stuff like that. 

At times when something is off.  It’s not even that we do anything wrong, it’s more when it’s an up shift is needed, because something is out of alignment, then there is a tweak that needs to be done. Okay, now we’re going to go this way. If we don’t listen, there’s no flow, nothing works. We’re like, what’s going on? Then we tune in, and we contemplate and feel into what’s up? What, and why don’t we get the replies or whatever. 

The moment we talk, often we have the same things that would come up to us the same message. And we’re like, Okay, so now let’s do that this way, and we are quickly back in flow.

I think it’s important to stress that it’s not that we have done anything wrong. It’s just that energies are shifting. It’s just like we’ve shifted a timeline where we cannot hold on to the old way of doing it. It works brilliantly. It was exactly what it should be in the past, but now something is different. We need to tweak and that’s the flexibility needed for conscious businesses.”

– Susanna at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business”

The Conscious GPS

It’s almost like we who have a conscious business have this inner GPS´s which tells us we are going off track and need to U turn or change destination.  If we keep going in the original direction we can get stuck in a traffic jam and miss out on a whole new vista and opportunities we could not even dream of when we started the journey. We should not fear to make adjustments or even change our final destination as a conscious GPS will always lead you in the direction that is best for all. 

“I think the important thing for small, as well as larger businesses, is for everybody to have or get the confidence to be able to stand up and say: “This isn’t working.”  Then for the rest of the team to listen and go: “Okay? Well, let’s feel into why? Why might that be? Let’s look at it.” Quite often, when you start to look at it, and you just feel into it several of you will get the same reading. It’s important for everybody to be able to speak their truth.  Typically what happens is the person who’s noticed something is wrong is too scared to say anything, or they’re saying it and they’re not being listened to. Then, two months down the line, “why are the sales falling?”

-Pam at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business” 

For the highest good of all

“When a business is driven from control, or the ego, the businesses will fail, more and more over time. We are still in a transition period, where you can actually hustle and push it into results. But it’s getting more and more difficult. It takes more and more energy to do it in that old way, because you have the whole business working against the natural energy of consciousness. 

We’re moving into conscious businesses that are driven from the higher perspectives, the highest good of all. It’s easier, and takes less effort to follow and listen to the energies and do exactly what the energies guides you to do.”

-Susanna at Wholyland, BizWiz episode “Conscious Business”

Conscious businesses are where they’re not in the lack mentality and not in it for the money. Instead, service is the driving force. The companies that will survive and flourish in the next few years are heart-centred. The ones that are very pyramidal will collapse. 

Be adaptive, listen and tune into the energies. It’s just more fun, joyful and effortless when we work from that space and allow the business to lead the way instead of trying to push and think that we need to do it all. Enjoy the new paradigm and the new ways of doing business and enjoy the ride!

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
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