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How to Connect with your Intuition with Ease

We are spiritual Beings having an existence here on Earth. As spiritual Beings we are blessed with a sixth sense of intuition. This intuition allows us to tap into what is going on around us and in our bodies and minds.

The problem is that today many people no longer know how to listen and/or feel their intuition.

If they do to some degree, they rarely trust it. Modern life, sitting for hours in front of the mind control programming of the TV, computer games, the constant stream of fear mongering, stress inducing news and an education system that focus is fully on the mind is the death of intuition.  This has resulted in many people being disconnected from their intuitive powers.

What is intuition?

“Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.[2][3][4] Different fields use the word “intuition” in very different ways,including but not limited to: direct access to unconscious knowledge; unconscious cognition; gut feelings; inner sensing; inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition; and the ability to understand something instinctively, without any need for conscious reasoning.[5][6][7] Intuitive knowledge tends to be approximate.[8] The word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as “consider” or from the late middle English word intuit, “to contemplate”.[2] Use of intuition is some times referred to as responding to a “gut feeling” or “trusting your gut”.[9]


Listen to your Intuition as your Life Depends on it

  • Your intuition is constantly reading the world around you, and it wants to keep you safe. This is why sometimes you have a feeling in your gut that something is not right.
  • It alerts you like a bell in your head or gut to explore something or to stay away. It can be a spontaneous yes, or to take things slow or a definite no.

When we ignore the message and allow ourselves to be overruled by the voice in the head or other people’s opinions – in hindsight – we often regret not listening to the intuition. For instance, sometimes whilst driving there is a feeling to not go a certain way, but you continue and end up in a long traffic jam.

“We all have a bullshit detector if we listen and feel into our body that is like a satellite dish
in the stomach that gives us those gut feelings.”

Live the Impossible Show, ep. 007_connect_to_your_intuition


One of the reasons that less people got killed in the 9/11 collapse of the twin towers was that many people did not go into work that day or where late due to their intuition/inner knowing guiding them to stay away.

You hear this from many disasters with people saying, “I should have been there, but something stopped me.”

“So the question for most people is, how much do you let yourself talk your way out of it, and sometimes this has been life changing for me and life saving for me. I remember when I lived in LA, the other day, I was going through a drawer and I found an old passport. I have a passport with a valuable stamp in it. It was the stamp where my visa, my work visa in in the United States expired. Because I lived a couple of years in LA, I had to go back to New York to get my visa extended.

Now, if you know anything about getting a work visa in the United States, you’re like, oh my god, you show up on time. It’s like you do that! I was in LA and on a banana peel (I had slipped into a role). I was the creative director, I was working with Native Americans in the middle of California and Temecula, California, I was just having this like crazy life. And I didn’t feel like going to New York, it was that same stubborn inner voice that was just like, “I don’t want to go!” And my friend, another Swedish friend in LA, she was just like, “you are absolutely crazy. You have to go you’re gonna lose your status in this country.”

And I was just like, “I’m sorry, I have this.” Again, it was that inner knowing. But this time, it was really crazy. And the date in my passport is September 11 2001. That was the morning when I had my appointment downtown, next to the World Trade Centre, the former World Trade Centre. Listening to that crazy inner voice of yours is just absolutely key in life.”

-Live the Impossible show, ep. 006 Success through inner business with LindaBjork

What can your intuition tell you?

  • It can guide you to stay away or go somewhere.
  • To look into something with greater detail. There is a new rabbit hole to give you more information or even encourages you to start a new venture.
  • It tells you if you can trust someone, stay cautious or its best to avoid someone.
  • If you are mindful, it can tell you there is no need to eat anymore or what to eat. So, it can aid in weight loss.
  • It lets you know if there is a food you have eaten that you are intolerant too. If you are not listening it will ramp up the body’s response with headaches, stomach ache, skin issues, joint issues, etc.
  • They are all signs of an inflammatory response. If you continue to not listen to your body disease can develop.

Using the iTeraCare wand creates a different environment and encourages a deeper intuition and a healthier environment for the body so our reaction to foods and toxins can change.

How do I Reconnect with my Intuition?

Intuition can show itself in many ways. As we are all unique, we also have a unique intuition and how it communicates with you may not be the same as it communicates with me. It’s all about listening, feeling cues from your body. It may manifest in words, a feeling, a physical sensation especially in your gut, solar plexus, heart space or throat.

For me intuition feels like a pop up, I often hear words, but it feels they have popped up from my gut or heart primarily. Whereas when it is my mind, it talks in a top-down fashion as conscious reasoning comes from the head space. The sentence structure is also different.

An intuitive popup is very factual with no words such as “should, must, can’t” or going into a story or judgement. You simply know.

To reconnect to your intuition is a matter of listening and feeling into your body andemotions. To begin with it is important to take time out and sit quietly. Even to meditate is good, as you place your focus on your body and explore its physical sensations with curiosity. Ask it questions and see if any answers instantly or very quickly come to you.

Be aware of the word structure if you hear messages to differentiate between your intuition or just your mind and ego jumping in as it wants attention.

If it keeps demanding attention, ask yourself why? As you practice, a short pause is all that is required to tune in. Learn more on how to pause and tune into your body .

Intuition or Mindfuck?

As you eat, eat mindfully so you are not distracted by something like the TV, you will then be able to feel that your body is full and does not require anything more right now.

Practice how to muscle test (resistance) or use the sway test (body sways forwards and backwards or side to side) with simple closed questions. Begin with questions you know the answer to, to discover the directions that are right for you. Regular practice and feedback helps you to trust this process more and more.

Intuition has nothing to do with logic and this is why the mind often wants to overrule it. Therefore, a good way to learn to discern what is intuition and what is the mind. If it is the intuition there is often no logical reason to take an action, it just feels right or good. If there is a list of logical reasons why it is or isn’t a good idea, it is the mind speaking.

You may never know why it says not to do somethings and to do others, but plenty of times the truth and the why comes out in the future.

How can the iTeraCare Wand Support me in Reconnection to my Intuition?

When you sit and blow with the iTeraCare wand this is an excellent time to feel into your body. Be aware of the sensation the wand delivers:

  • Is that area feeling to hot or cold?
  • Do you feel that you need to move the wand in a circular or anticircular direction?
  • Do things feel different if you change direction?
  • What part of my body wants to be blown next?
  • Should I spend longer on this part of my body?

The iTeraCare wand helps clear your cells and DNA of years of physical and emotional toxins.  This allows your body to reconnect to all aspects of itself, which allows you to see and feel things in an enhanced way. When there is life force and chi moves through your veins you can connect with ease to the universe/higher self and your intuition.

As you use the wand over a period of time and the cells of your body become cleaner, your intuitive powers also become stronger.

When you wand the top of your head, between the eye brows over your third eye, you decalcify your pineal gland which activates creativity and your intuitive power.

When you wand behind and below your ears and back of the neck this activates the vagus nerve which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This can reduce stress and the fight or flight mode.

Thus, allowing more awareness of your intuition and a clearer discernment of what is intuition and what is an automatic response or mind story.

Intuition Calling…

During a shower, walking the dog or been busy with something else, have you experienced boof, an idea pops into your head? This is your intuition calling! It is easy to poo poo these ideas and come up with a story of why you shouldn’t pursue it. Instead take some time out to sit with the idea and let it percolate, what other gems that relate to it does your intuition bring forth.

Allow yourself to feel the fear or the excitement. It is hard to tell the difference as they hold the same frequency. If you look on an electrocardiograph or an electroencephalogram, you can’t tell them apart.

The feeling of fear can keep you trapped within your comfort zone. The feeling of fear is not necessarily from your intuition, it depends on the context. Your intuition has nothing to do with comfort, it is going beyond.

“That’s what living the impossible is isn’t it? It is feeling that fear and doing it anyway rather than feeling the fear and retracting into freeze mode which is where a lot of people go”

Pam Lob, Live the Impossible: 007_connect_to_your_intuition

When you follow one of these intuitive ideas they typically flow with ease, it feels natural and not forced or false even if it’s something big, fearful and it’s got lots of steps.

Have fun as you learn to listen to, feel and trust your intuition. Your body, mind and those around you will thank you.

Pam Lob

Pam, House of Lob is a health genie, author, speaker and is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show. Pam’s mission is to share her unique combination of strategies and secrets to bring health to the world.
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