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Life Perspectives 

Are you curious and willing to explore new things and new ideas?
If yes read on…

Do you follow the tribe without questioning?

The world around us is amazing, there is so much to discover and learn about the natural world and what is really the truth about history, medicine, science, government etc., but now is not the time to go down all those rabbit holes. 
We are also seeing new inventions or possibly reinvention of very old technologies that may or may not be beneficial to us.  The marketing often includes terms we have not heard of or understand.  The iTeraCare wand is one such device that probably has you wondering about what is terahertz and quantum frequencies?
Are you prepared to buy such a product without knowing what it can do for you?
If it was recommended by your doctor or the government, would you go ahead and purchase without asking questions?
Those in power as the last few years have demonstrated they want us to say, “yes” without questioning.   They want to dumb us down to do as we are told and not question their narrative.  Many have found out the hard way this is not a good idea.
If you don’t want to be a slave or to become a robot it is essential to be curious, to question to look at what is going on, what is something about from many different perspectives.  

How do you know what is good or bad for you if you don’t question?

Every one of us is unique, there is a no one size fits all solution, though the likes of The World Economic Forum want us to believe there is.  It is important for each one of us to be curious and explore things that are bought to our notice.  Some things can quickly be dismissed or are not relevant to our lives right now, but other things pique your interest and deserve to be looked at further.

What do you focus on?

“What we do see depends mainly on what we look for… In the same field, the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportsmen the cover for the game. Though we may all look at the same things, it does not all follow that we should see them.”

John Lubbock

If as in the above quote if you only focus on one thing, look at something from a single perspective you miss the bigger picture of the sheer diversity, beauty and opportunities that are all around you.
We are born with natural skills of curiosity, exploration, self-discovery, artistic and scientific self-expression, we have the codes to express our innate geniuses.  Just spend a while watching a young child explore a new environment to see these at work.  Unfortunately, todays education system erodes these natural skills.  We are groomed to fit into the ‘Matrix’ world where we are dumbed-down.

“The world needs innovative, creative, kind, and respectful Beings that see the big picture.”

Flow Education

It is time for us no matter our age to reclaim our innate skills.
Discover and Learn from Different Perspectives

A perspective is:

  • A particular way of considering something
  • To think about a situation or problem  in a wise and reasonable way
  • To compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged.

Cambridge Dictionary

There are 3 core perspectives or viewpoints that ideally should be used constantly throughout our lives:

  •   Self
  •   Helicopter view/observing self 
  •   Third person or perspective from another’s point of view

Unfortunately, today especially in Western culture a large number of people only see things from their own point of view, they never see the big picture or have compassion for another’s point of view.

These perspectives are great for examining different situations, especially around our emotions and what is triggering them, but don’t go far enough in helping us to explore new concepts, technologies or to deepen innerstanding of existing paradigms or the past.

Introduction to Life Perspectives

Life Perspectives is the ability to experience, see, and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us – in a conscious and wholistic way.

Life Perspectives is a flexible framework designed to awaken the development of humanity through an “innerstanding” of ourselves, each other, and the planet.  It is a wholistic way to balance and grow in all areas of life, where we create awareness and use the natural (and artificial) systems that are part of the thirteen different perspectives.

The goal of the Life Perspectives is to create a guidance system that is adapted to the natural process of development rather than a method to learn.  We grew up with a school system designed to support an industrial economy that valued conformity, compliance, and minimum skill attainment.  Passion and curiosity do not fit into this system.  It certainly does not release our unique geniuses nor exercise freedom.

There are not necessarily right and wrong answers, but a curiosity, playfulness, and awareness about different perceptions of all areas of life, how it is connected, how we see things from different perspectives and what would be for the highest good.

Connect the Wholeness

All of life is connected; nothing is in isolation. Therefore, for any theme, topic or point of focus, each of the Life Perspectives are relevant to some degree.  It might not be obvious at first sight, but to expand our genius and awareness, no perspective is irrelevant.  For example, movement can be explored from the Body Perspective as exercise, Expression Perspective as dance, and/or Emotional Perspective as we move emotions through us with movement.

It is less relevant which perspective that a point of focus is in; it is more relevant that each perspective is explored.  Instead, we ask: How is it relevant?

As we approach, learn, and grow through the Life Perspectives, we open up to find our own unique potentials, truths and values, have compassion for others and can experience the interconnection of everything.  Then it is easier to live an empowered, meaningful, and freer life based on our unique genius blueprint.

Life Perspectives framework is a base system that can be applied to all aspects and areas of life to support us to create an energetic balance between body, mind, heart, and soul in relation to time, space, and dimensions, as well as the external experiences around nature, money, law, technology, architecture, and symbols.

Flower of Perspectives

Life Perspectives can be seen as a flower.  The thirteen perspectives are the petals–each petal helps us to see the world and ourselves from different perspectives.  Happiness and beauty are created by the growing power of the entire bloom.  Our role is to see and experience it, both within ourselves and around us.

When we are aware of all 360 degrees of life, we have an integral wholeness in our reality.  An integral awareness is not about either/or perspective, but rather a both/and perspective.  In other words, it embraces all perspectives.  There are a lot of paradoxes in life, and we cannot “innerstand” them with our minds. Instead, to “innerstand” the paradoxes requires integral awareness of every aspect of ourselves and all external realities. 

To unlock our geniuses and allow what is thought to be impossible to become reality requires an exploration of the unknown and questions of our beliefs and programs.  Life Perspectives is our invitation to all of us to get out of our comfort zones and explore new ways to experience ourselves, the world and beyond.

The 13 Life Perspectives

Body Perspective focuses on the physical body systems, activities, and nutrition.

Mind Perspective utilizes and integrates both sides of the brain, dreams and visions, and mindfulness.

Emotional Perspective accesses the full range of emotions to embrace and transform our shadows.

Heart Perspective focuses on our inspired actions, gratitude, kindness, and compassion to make a difference in the world, to serve and support others to express a win-win mentality.

Energy Perspective feels and experiences high vibrational energy connections to Source/Universe/God through meditation, being present, aligned, intuitive to have contact with higher power/spirit/self.

Nature Perspective focuses on life enhancing environments where land, water, plants, and all living beings live in harmony and balance, synchronized with nature’s pace and cycles.

Grid Perspective is the awareness and knowledge of physical locations and geometry of lay-lines, stargates, sacred sites, the multidimensional grids, and how they work or are distorted.

Space Perspective focuses on the physical space around us, the bigger planetary picture, and the cosmic, tidal, and energetic effects on us.

Time Perspective is our relation to time, timelines, ancestry and DNA, history, and the future.

Expression Perspective is connection to others through high frequency words, numbers, symbols, geometry, sound, art, movement, dance, and music.

Law Perspective focuses on knowledge and implementation of different laws, contracts, jurisdictions, and equity to reclaim our lawful standing on the land.

Value Creation Perspective is awareness of how we create value to support us in the flow of reciprocity, where money/value follows love, respect, and appreciation.

Artificial & Technology Perspective gives us the technical tools, such as transport, computers and power generation.

An example of using the Life Perspectives

A good example to explore the type of questions to ask using the Life Perspectives is to take a look at the iTeraCare wand and the type of questions to ask to see if it is right for you, what benefits it could offer you and how does it work?
There are many questions that would be helpful to ask.  Below are just a few basic questions to get you started.  (In future blogs we will be exploring in depth the iTeraCare wand using the Life Perspective format.)

Body Perspective – How can the iTeraCare wand benefit my physical health? 
Mind Perspective – Can the iTeraCare wand help my mental health? 
Emotional Perspective – Will the iTeraCare wand have any effect on my emotions?
Heart Perspective – Can the iTeraCare wand be used remotely to support others?
Energy Perspective – What are terahertz and quantum frequencies?
Nature Perspective – Does the the iTeraCare wand have any natural substances within it? 
Grid Perspective – Does using the the iTeraCare wand effect my aura?
Space Perspective – How do terahertz frequencies effect the cells in my body and what is around me such as the water I drink?
Time Perspective – How often and for how long should I use the iTeraCare wand?
Expression Perspective – Will using the iTeraCare wand have any effect on my creativity?
Law Perspective – Are there any contraindications to not use the iTeraCare wand
Value Creation Perspective – Are there any business opportunities?
Artificial and Technology Perspective – What is the science behind the iTeraCare wand?
Have fun exploring different aspects of your life using the Life Perspectives.  You will discover a new zest for life and learning.

Pam Lob

Pam, House of Lob is a health genie, author, speaker and is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show. Pam’s mission is to share her unique combination of strategies and secrets to bring health to the world.
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