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Blow into your Emotions and Feelings

Use the magic of the Itercare wand to release old emotional blockages to feel and express your emotions for optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.


  • What are emotions and feelings?
  • Should we aim for positive emotions?
  • Are emotions programmed?
  • What effect does disconnection from emotions have on our health?
  • How can you use the Iteracare wand for better emotional health and vitality?

What are Emotions and Feelings?

Itera care activate and eliminate

Part of being a Living Being is the ability to feel emotions.  However, many people get confused of what is a feeling and what is an emotion.

Emotions are things like sadness, happiness, anger and we often see the emotional expression on someone’s face.  Feelings are our bodily physical response to that emotion: the tension you feel in your gut, feeling of nausea, constriction in your chest or throat, tears start to flow, or you get goosebumps and many more.  They are all the body’s responses to the story behind the emotion.  The emotion is the label that we use to describe the physical reaction of why we feel like we do.

Did you know the iTeraCare terahertz frequencies of the wand can help release emotional blockages?

Should we aim for Positive Emotions?

“There are no negative or positive emotions.  There are only emotions that we judge as positive or negative.  Emotions are all very joyful when we accept and embrace them.  And this is not something I say because it sounds good.  I really, truly enjoy all emotions when I let them flow through me freely.  When I face them and love them, just as they are, they are so beautiful and enjoyable.  Not that I always manage to do so, but when I do, ahhhhh, lovely…

When I connect to my inner truth, there is no resistance and thereby I am free.  Not that I always feel happy about all the emotions I experience.  I might even still try to resist them.  But as long as I am truthful to myself, I honor myself and can see the meaning and potential of a limitless life when I embrace all emotions, thoughts, and reactions.  There is such power in, for instance, our emotions when we embrace them.” 

– Susanna Silverhoj,  Goodness Grace and Great Thoughts on Fire

The quantum scalar effect of the iTeraCare wand allows you to set high vibe intentions. However, as you wand what feels like negative emotions can arise. There is nothing to fear, you won’t manifest the negative. Relax, just allow what you feel to flow, it’s nothing to fear. Enjoy!

Our Emotions are Programmed from Childhood!

“Watch a baby or young child and you instantly see how well they are connected to their bodies and emotions. They learn through movement and play, they allow emotions to move quickly through them, one minute playing happily, the next throwing a temper tantrum to express anger and the next laughing.

As you grow through childhood your parents and teachers tell you it is wrong to cry whenever you are upset or throw a temper tantrum when you are angry. Then you go to school and have to sit for hours behind a desk, being told you must sit still and concentrate, when what you really want to do is run around and explore. In order to meet these requirements, you disconnect from your body, emotions and energy. You develop defensive blocks to stop you feeling bad and keep you feeling safe.

These blocks have resulted in the majority of people living life from their headspace. They feel guilty about the past, worrying about tomorrow, or what to cook for tea, rather than enjoying the present moment. It is this disconnect from the present and a lack of awareness of the whole of you which keeps you stuck, living in a ‘pond’ rather than experiencing the delights of living in the “River of Life.” 

– Pam Lob, Beyond Hot and Crazy

As a parent you can support your child by allowing them to feel and express their emotions. Although if they get into a frenzy and are in overwhelm, the terahertz frequencies and the optical quartz of the iTeraCare wand used on the vagus nerve (behind the ears and down into the neck) and blowing on the back can have a calming effect without making them wrong.

Disconnection from Emotions

Being disconnected from your emotions can lead to depression. That iswhat depression is, its suppression of your emotions, not allowing yourself physically or mentally to feel. It’s a shutdown and if you meet people who are depressed, they’re very “flat.” They are then put onto antidepressants that make them even flatter, as they reduce the range of emotions.

“I met a man, and we became really good friends. In one of our first conversations, we spoke about that he had been in the psychiatric ward. He said what made him sick was that he was trying to suppress the emotions that were coming up for him and he didn’t want to deal with them. He was trying to push them away. He said, as soon as he learned to deal with and feel the emotions, there wasn’t any issues anymore.”

– Oliver Silverhoj, Live the Impossible Show Ep.9 

Feelings Made Wrong

We are taught from a young age it is wrong to feel certain emotions. Emotions like anger or sadness are common emotions thought of as negative emotions and are thus made wrong. We often here expressions such as “big boys don’t cry.” This has led to men often finding it difficult to express many of their emotions.

When you attach shame, guilt or judgment to an emotion, it can feel negative. It is not the emotion itself that is negative.

Even when you deny or repress what you are truly feeling, the body still feels it. These denied feelings become part of your cellular memory and cause this memory bank to become overloaded. Your cells become like a pressure cooker that is unable to vent. It will eventually explode, sometimes as an explosion of rage, or hatred, or as an illness including depression, cancer and heart disease. The constant repression causes lack of ease (flow) that leads to dis-ease.

The iTeraCare wand and its powerful wellbeing effect can support your body to be vital at ease and in flow.

Feel the Anger

Anger is an emotion many people have issues with.  It is very common for expressions of anger to be made wrong.  It has consequences at all ages as anger is on the same spectrum as passion.  So, as you deny anger you are also suppressing passion and thus life force energy.  Denying or repressing an emotion has consequences.  

When we do not allow ourselves to feel our anger it becomes unhealthy. Either it erupts like a released pressure cooker as rage (an unhealthy extreme emotion). You go ballistic, projecting onto someone else rather than owning your emotion.  Or it stays suppressed and this can lead to depression or disease.  

Healthy anger is when you feel it, own it as your own, and don’t project it on another.  It can be the fire that drives you to change or take action and stand up for a cause. In other words, anger is the kick in the ass that is needed to move forward.

“When you experience anger—feel into it—isn’t it powerful? It can remove all the happiness you felt moments before the anger arose. Respect! That is a powerful force! I respect the power of that anger.”

Susanna Silverhoj, Goodness Grace and Great Thoughts on Fire

Temper Tantrums Recommended!

“I certainly see it in a lot of my clients, that they’ve not allowed themselves to truly, truly feel and especially around anger. I now, highly recommend temper tantrums, just like children do.”

– Pam Lob, Live the Impossible Show, Episode 9

Children are often told temper tantrums are inappropriate, they are being naughty. No, it is appropriate and healthy and if left to run will be over quickly.  It’s the attempt of suppression that causes them to continue.  As adults as long as you are in a safe place (we wouldn’t advise it in the centre of the supermarket, it would certainly cause a stir) just let it rip.

Allow yourself to jump up and down, scream, cry, stamp your feet and wave your arms around, whatever feels good to you.  We challenge you not to laugh.  Typically, you will be laughing within a minute and whatever was bothering you is over and done with. Laughing in itself helps release stuck emotions and increases vitality.

Feel for Health

We can feel a myriad of emotions at the same time. Bereavement is often a time where you feel you’re going crazy, because so many emotions come up at once.

“When my husband died, I would feel anger, frustration, sadness, and then ended up laughing all within a space of like, two minutes.”

– Pam Lob, Live the Impossible Show, Episode 9

To live a healthy balanced life, full of vitality, we need to be able to express and experience the whole spectrum of emotions.  We have a wide range of emotions that we judge as good or bad, but we need all our emotions to be whole.  It’s like a rainbow, a rainbow needs all its colours to be whole, you take one of the colours of the spectrum away, you won’t see a rainbow.  

The same is true for our emotional range, we need all of it to be fit and healthy.  Healthy emotions just literally run through us, they come and go within seconds.  It is when we resist, disconnect or allow an emotion to get stuck that problems arise.  

Allow Emotions to Feel Good

Allow emotions to be joyful whether they feel negative or positive.  This is not the happy clappy sort of joy, but a deep joy of contentment and peace that comes from allowing yourself to truly feel whatever emotion is there.  Allow emotions to come and go, to flow with you as you go about the day.

When you express them from a place of “I feel” to yourself or others we acknowledge our emotions.  Acknowledge any pain that is felt within the body, allow the tears to flow, have a temper tantrum, go for a walk or run and you will soon be on to the next moment of life with a lightness of joy in your step.

“The art of feeling more joy in your life, through the process of accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong.”

– Christian Pankhurst -Heart IQ™

When you use the iTeraCare wand regularly, it allows you to feel joy more easily as it helps decalcify the pineal gland and releases emotional blockages and trauma from your cellular memory.

Let Emotions be your Guide

“Emotions also act as personal guides when we become aware of them and actually listen to what they have to say. They are not speaking “universal truth” about how things are, but they guide you to show you your subconscious emotions.  Most people are not aware that these subconscious emotions often are based on past experiences.  These emotions are not neutral; they are compasses that show us what shades of ourselves we need to embrace.  

The shift in our awakening happens when we honor our emotions as the guides they are, instead of insisting they define how reality is. These emotions come from our past, our stories, and we need to honor them.  But we don’t have to be ruled by them.  Taking back our power comes from embracing and respecting our emotions for the guides they are.

It is a pretty difficult task to accept and love ourselves fully when we only accept the shades of us that we define as good.  But the best part is that when we embrace and accept all of ourselves, our emotions change automatically to what we judge as being positive.  In other words, being conscious of our judgments and beliefs removes our subconscious triggers and helps us to discern what our emotions are that stem from the collective consciousness.  

We all experience the same emotions, and for those of us who are highly empathic, we might tend to take everyone’s emotions in and believe them to be ours.  Emotions are powerful energy. And that is all there is—energy.”

– Susanna Silverhoj, Goodness Grace and Great Thoughts on Fire

The Magic Wand and Emotions

The Itercare wands terahertz, quantum scalar frequencies and optical quartz infused with minerals has many great effects on our health, body and vitality.  One that is not so obvious to many is the very beneficial effects that its use can have on emotions.

As emotional energy is stored in our cells if it has not been healthily expressed, as part of the detox process emotions can begin to surface.  You might experience that tears start to flow, pain may occur for no obvious reason especially in the hip and knees, which are associated with repressed emotion.

Allow yourself to feel and accept whatever is surfacing and see the wand as blowing away them away.  What is cool is you do not need to know what caused the emotional blockage in the first place, no need to relive the past or for therapy to analyze it.  Just feel the emotion, accept it and blow it away.

Drink the charged water and wand daily and quickly you will find that you feel happier, lighter in spirit and things no longer both you like they did before.  As you wand hold the intention of love and compassion to yourself and others.

“Research is showing that by intentionally connecting to your heart center and feeling love, compassion, care and a positive view of emotions, you can improve your health, relationships and wellbeing. The greatest gift you can give to yourself, and the world is to become emotionally healthy, connected to self and able to connect with others.”

– Pam Lob, Beyond Hot and Crazy

Pam Lob

Pam, House of Lob is a health genie, author, speaker and is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show. Pam’s mission is to share her unique combination of strategies and secrets to bring health to the world.
Purchase your magic wand through Pam here.

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
Purchase your magic wand through Susanna here.

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