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Intuitive Marketing

The old way of marketing doesn’t work anymore. Instead, Intuitive Marketing is the new and Joyful way to do Marketing.

One of the things we have noticed, after working online for a decade each, is that marketing in the old way we have been taught, doesn’t work anymore. 

  • To follow the network marketing process, where you befriend people on Facebook, reach out and building up relationships is part of the old. 
  • To do webinars with sales pitches at the end – is getting old. 
  • To build e-mail lists when general opening rate is less than 10%, it is just not worth it anymore. 
  • To do the same presentation each week, is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.  

Manipulation, pressure and pushing energies are part of the old. Now, people want authenticity, respect and honour, it is as simple as that. We need to start to be energetically clean in how we do it. We cannot expect different results doing the same thing over and over again. We will burn out and get depleted ourselves if we do not get creative in how we market. 

People quickly pick up manipulation, when you try to get someone to buy something or get them to do something. When it doesn’t genuinely come from the heart or is authentic, is when people get turned off. You will get the opposite reaction of what you want.  

In other words; when it is not genuine, and you have an agenda, people will feel it – and reject it. 

Shallow Quick Fixes

In this transition time, the old paradigm of business still works for certain types of people. It works for those who are unaware of what is going on, those who love the shallow approach and where it is all about the external look and image. 

“Many products and services are usually something fairly rubbish, mass media type products that everybody purchase all the time. For instance, makeup that’s full of chemicals and things like that. Yeah, oh, it will get rid of all your wrinkles. Yeah, it might for a year, but then your body is going to be wrecked for the rest of your life. It seems to sell, but for a high cost – both financially and health wise.”

-Pam, intuitive marketing chat with Susanna at Wholyland.


“Many sell the dream of quick fixes. What often happens is that you might reach to a certain level of the market to a lot of people who get your product once, but then you can’t move further, it will hit the roof quite quickly, since it is not based on what is real. 

Luckily, it is getting harder and harder to sell dreams and quick fixes that are not real, because now businesses are getting conscious, the collective consciousness awakens and people´s bullshit detectors are better turned on.

It is the irony of this time, on one side, you can see the consciousness rising. On the other hand, people are dumbed down, zombified and stuck. Let’s focus on the higher consciousness side. Because that’s where we want to play.”

-Susanna, intuitive marketing chat with Pam at Wholyland. 

“It’s all about truth and honesty, isn’t it? It’s not wrapping something up in a beautiful parcel and saying it can do this, or that if it really can’t. It feels very incongruent and out of integrity, and it’s not the way to do it.”

-Pam, intuitive marketing chat with Susanna at Wholyland

Value Creation

When we add new value to people, they get curious and interested. They are drawn to it. Some call it attraction marketing, where people are attracted to the content you create. No pushing, no manipulation, you share from your heart, stay real and open with what you are doing. That is attractive. 

We thrive when we create new things, it feels more meaningful and we feel good. That increases the attractiveness and our own energy fields, which make us even more attractive to others. 

This is not any different than when we genuinely are attractive to a potential partner. If they are fake, just want to shag you and say the right things, but ooze “Casanova” – anyone with dignity and true intentions themselves will keep a healthy distance.

To give value is not necessarily to sell, it is to give real value. That is what is really important. It’s even fine to do a sale at the end, but the actual content is not a pitch all the way through. It’s to give information, inspire and support. If people want more information, you can come and join rather than the obvious sales pitch ploy from the very beginning.

What is intuitive marketing?

As we see it, intuitive marketing is the opposite of following the expert´s advice: “first you send out this email and then you send out this email or that post on Facebook at three o’clock on Wednesday. Or just follow this template and write these things.” 

It doesn’t work anymore because that quote is filled. That energy is used. Fresh energy is needed, that is beyond any box or logical reasoning.  

Share you, as you are, and when you get inspiration to post something, when you think of someone, when you feel inspired to take action, then you act. Your intuition will guide you to what exact timing to do something for the best results and wellbeing of all. 

If you act from your ego, your own gain only, it doesn’t work. Intuitive marketing is honest, it is raw, it is you sharing your heart and true longing to be at service in some way. 

When you feel this rush of energy – no matter how afraid you are to do it – ACT on it. Right then, no delays. Do not censor yourself, do not overthink what you should or shouldn’t do, say or write. Do not question if it is logical – because it will most likely not be logical. 

Flow of Peeideas

Since you get out of your comfort zone it might freak you out – do it anyway.

Follow your intuition, your gut feeling and what we like to call “peeideas”. They are the ideas that comes when you sit on the toilet, are in the shower etc. Water support the energy to flow – so often the best ideas comes when we release, clear and clean our bodies and systems with water etc. 

When we relax, stop working, walk in nature, our intuition often kicks in. Then act on the intuitive hit as soon as you can. 

Follow the joy

When something comes from the energy of: “Oh, that would be so much fun if…” – then act on it. Erase all that comes after that, such as “but I don’t know how to…”. Find out how to do it, call someone who knows how to do it. Anything is possible. You never know where you will end up!

Dare to be different!

When we do webinars in the traditional way, as we where taught, first you tell a little bit about yourself and then you tell the success stories, and then you do this, and so on. All of that doesn’t work anymore. 

Because it’s like everybody knows. “Okay, there will be a sale at the end”. You can still do webinars. But it has to come from the heart, be unique and have you in it. Also, when it comes from the energy of: “it would be fun to do a webinar”, that’s when you should act on it.

Examples of how to use your intuition as a marketing tool to get people to join you.

We have a lot of examples of when we have used our intuition. We might have been working on something else, then we started to feel a new inspiration. Pam sent Susanna a link to a podcast challenge and it was like, oh, yeah, let´s do it!

We didn’t really have interest in doing it in the beginning. Pam was just about to go off travelling. But, there was something calling us. Oliver and Susanna said: “We’ll take a look at it” and it went beyond our wildest dreams.  

Our intention was to do a magazine as well. That was what we thought we were going to do. We asked our guests to send in articles and we sat down one day to bring everything together. We both sat there going, just not working. “It doesn’t feel juicy. I don’t feel inspired.” 

Free Marketing

We started to talk about doing the magazine because that’s actually great marketing tool. We love to write, it would also be fun to have this Win-Win approach to have guest article writers to promote their things. We love to co-create. The idea itself was very intriguing, but then it became too much to do both podcast and a magazine. 

We know each other well enough and know we can speak honestly with each other. We were just not feeling it, and we both had the same feeling. It was very obvious that it was not the right time to do the magazine. We said we would park it for a while. Not close the door to it forever, just wait and see. 

Then, we just chatted. No more than 10 minutes later we came up with the WholyLand Memberhood idea. By the end of the call, we’ve got it all mapped out. It’s just came out literally out of nowhere. Wholyland became a platform with free content, low cost content and high-level cost content. 

A kinder egg of all our ideas. We had put out to the universe that we would like to tie all our projects, visions and ideas together. We asked for something to connect the dots and Wholyland was born. 

Pick one main free marketing tool to start with

Sometimes, we have to choose and follow what makes sense, free marketing is great, but it can burn you out if there is nothing you can make money of, at the end. If you only put free things out there, it becomes a little bit over the top. If you would sell a magazine, for instance, then it would be a low cost, which is fine. But to only provide without actually, get any money coming in, then, it’s just too much work for same level stuff.

A blog is another great marketing tool that we have done, for those who believe more in organic value creation marketing than paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram or wherever. Or you pay for doing ads of your blog posts, podcast etc. 

At the end of the day, start with what brings you most joy and is fun to do for you as your free marketing tool. 

Podcast Marketing

We did a podcast challenge and the podcast surpassed our dreams from a couple of years ago. We ended up having listeners in 119 countries.

We were talking to some amazing people around the world who we had followed for years. We really didn’t expect that, and certainly not at that point before we started back in 2020.

The whole podcast was driven by intuition. We tuned in and asked questions:

  • Who do we invite? 
  • Where and when? 
  • What are we suppose to talk about? 
  • What feels expansive, fun and meaningful to chat about?
  • How do we want to do our show, that is us, not like people “normally” do it? 

Then we would let it go and go and do something else. The answers would come, sometimes instantly, sometimes later, but the answers always came. 

A podcast is a great free marketing tool. It is a way a great way to get people to notice you and the other things you do. It is not that we sit there and have an agenda that oh, now we will funnel people to come to Wholy Land. We had an ad, we had added into the episode, but it was not a sales pitch show. Its focus was more to be at service, to share information and of couse, to have lots of fun. We also looked into how we could be at service to our guests, how we could spread their messages. It is really a win-win approach. 

Who do you support when you use platforms?

Due to the corruption, the censoring and dark agenda behind some platforms, such as Facebook, youtube etc. we do not want to put money into advertising on these platforms to actually feed their dark agenda. It goes against our values. That is also part of this intuitive marketing. 

It is important to ask oneself, where are my values and moral. Where do we put our money? Is it going to be on a platform such as Facebook, so they make even more money, when they do not censor child trafficking, but anything related to natural health? At the end of the day, do what makes you feel good. When we stay open, true to our values, and clear that we don’t marketing it ONLY to make money. That is part of this intuitive marketing. 

You actually share your things because it’s like you really genuinely want to support.

Intuitive hits

Before we started a course on Wholyland we had decided and planned a free webinar as a marketing tool. Basically to share some of the things on our course and help people and see if they were interested and felt attracted to join.

Our intention was to attract those who felt like, “ooh, I want to join that call”. We wanted the right people to join, and rather have two of the right people than 200 people who doesn’t resonate with what we’re doing and just complain. 

Literally the morning of the webinar, Pam had an intuitive hit, that she needed to send out a reminder. One had gone out the day before. Typically, she wouldn’t do a formal letter, it would be just a reminder to those who already signed up. But she had this intuitive hit to send out a reminder to the whole list, which is what she did, and we had several new people turn up because of that one email. And all of them joined the course. 

You just never know, at all. All we can do is to follow our intuition and reach out with value. Because you never know, whose hearts you’re going to touch, how and when.

It might even be a crazy thing that has nothing to do with the course or whatever your intention is to market. You just get this intuitive hit. To call an old friend you haven’t talked to for a long time or go for a walk, or some sort of more lofty thing.

No logic or strategy can figure it out!

An intuitive hit can come in the most strange and illogical thing. A post on Facebook on something different than what you are marketing. You post this odd post, and somebody reach out in Messenger and say: “Thank you so much for posting that I was feeling so…” You might have an intuitive knowing that somebody needs something, right in that moment.

Even if you get this intuitive hit to go for a walk. But, feel you actually don’t have time and need to work on your marketing or need to work on this or that. Then you should go,  because these are the moments your intuitive marketing kicks in. 

We have had so many experiences of that then we meet someone and start talking. Later on, you get a message from one of their friends or something. Many times, it’s not even directly, nothing we can think or calculate. It might be exactly the thing that they in turn, talk to someone or you later on, post a picture of a flower you saw on that tour or something and that is what then someone will see and reminds them of that you had this course and they actually want to join, and they sign up. 

We need to realise that we don’t know exactly how this works. Things just snowball when we allow it to and act on our intuition.

Act and then let go!

Another example is that we’ve been reading Barbara Handclows books and really loved them. We had searched her to get a hold of her to guest our podcast for a long time. We couldn’t find an email, the only email I could find was to her husband. 

“Then I very gently wrote an email and apologised for writing to her husband, since I wanted to get a hold of Barbara. I wrote, “if you find this inappropriate, I am sorry, but I’ve been trying to get a hold of Barbara to invite her to our podcast. If you feel it is, just ignore it, but otherwise, it would be great if you could pass it on. Then I let it go. 

A few weeks later, we received a reply from her and, and she thought it actually was so sweet. She could feel the honesty and the respect. To really be genuine. When you reach out to whoever, if it’s a client, or someone you want to connect to be honest. 

People notice right away, or they might not even realise they are intuitive. Most people are very intuitive, they have just not learnt to read the signs. They will know if you fake it. 

Let Intuition drive your marketing

Use your intuition. It’s good to have the background knowledge of how to do things as a base, but from there, let your intuition drive the show! There will be aspects where you feel, that is not how you want to do it. Let it come to you how you want to do it and become very clear. Stay genuine, every step of the way. That is what becomes very attractive. That is a very intuitive and attractive marketing tool.

Be intuitive. Be true to yourself, and have fun with it. If it’s going to be hard work, pulling your teeth out, it will not work. Those days are gone. 

You can read more about our views on Network marketing and conscious business on our blogposts.

Susanna Silverhøj

Susanna, House of Silverhøj, is a Multi-passionate Life Designer, visionary, author, speaker and former Senior Lecturer at Nutrition and Health at Copenhagen University College. She is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show who sees the true potential and genius in people and can help reactivate that potential.
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Pam Lob

Pam, House of Lob is a health genie, author, speaker and is the co-host of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show. Pam’s mission is to share her unique combination of strategies and secrets to bring health to the world.
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