A Miraculous Fair 

The body-mind-spirit fair outside Copenhagen was a miracle on so many levels. We received so many wonderful testimonials and saw miracles happen in front of

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Frequency Updates

Frequency Update for Early 2023

The Battle for Life These Frequency Updates are co-created to share how energy frequencies affect the collective consciousness.  The collective consciousness effects our thoughts, emotions

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Conscious business

Conscious Business

Business is changing.  The old ways no longer work as businesses are going conscious. What does that mean and how can you use this new paradigm

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Conscious business

Intuitive Marketing

The old way of marketing doesn’t work anymore. Instead, Intuitive Marketing is the new and Joyful way to do Marketing. One of the things we

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Nervous system Issues

Injuries from the….

Injuries from the thing we are not allowed to say or write without being censored testimonials are solely the experiences of iTeraCare users. These products

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Bone issues

Pain Issues

Testimonials are solely the experiences of the users. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Julies story For anyone

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